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Year Project size Location Products installed
 2021  3500 parking spaces  Dubai, UEA
  • Pylons with LED signages
  • Ultrasonic sensors with remote indicators
  • Wireless magnetic sensors



A massive project was created in 2021 in the new shopping mall Silicon Oasis, located in Dubai, UAE.

Silicon Central, a three-level retail and leisure destination, will present an enhanced shopping experience to its neighboring communities. In addition to being a unique shopping destination, the leisure center has a wide variety of restaurants and cafés. The parking lots of this shopping center can accommodate up to 3,500 cars at a time.

Silicon Central Mall in Dubai

Silicon Central is genuinely a great two-tier retail and leisure destination with many visitors during the day. Everything can be found here, so arriving customers don’t want to waste time in the parking lot looking for a free parking space. The main thing was to build a parking lot that would have all the amenities and save every customer’s minute. This is a new shopping mall in Dubai that cannot function properly without PGS. This mall is visited by several thousand shoppers a day who need help finding a free parking space as soon as possible.

The main goals of this project were to ensure that drivers find a free parking space in the shortest possible time. Also, it was essential to separate some areas used for waiting so that the passage is not blocked without obstructing the traffic of other cars. It was also necessary to reduce emissions because we care about our planet. And of course, it was important that the customers who arrived would feel happy in this mall, feel comfortable looking for free space in a parking lot.

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To implement this project, 2 types of systems were installed in the Silicon Central shopping center. There is an ultrasonic sensor with a remote indicator installed and visible to the driver for indoor parking because it is mounted in front of the car. Wireless magnetic sensors were installed in the outdoor part. They are mounted on the ground and detect the vehicle that has arrived. The system receives information from the sensors via zone controllers and gates, processes it, and sends it to screens to have as many as 114 units! These two different systems are connected and run on the same server. The Parksol LED signage display shows the total number of free parking spaces throughout the parking lot or level. Drivers can decide in advance where to drive. The screen receives real-time information on the number of available seats from the ParkSol system.

The Parksol system is flexible, reliable, easy to install, and easy to set up. In addition, the entire system has an IP66 protection class, which guarantees a long service life. 

When the project was approved, the biggest challenge that plagued us was the successful installation of 2 different systems (outdoor and indoor) because of the vast amount of parking bays in one system. The mall has 3,500 parking spaces. Our partner Hub Parking Technology has solved this challenge.

After the successful implementation of the project, additional benefits have emerged, such as:

  • Real-time parking occupancy data and statistics.
  • Control of parking places (reservations for employees, VIP clients, timing).
  • LED signage that shows how many bays are accessible. This signage is usually installing next to the main entrances/ driveways to inform the drivers about available parking spaces.
  • Parking Guidance systems are also powerful tools for parking operators. They can adjust the parking tariffs based on supply and demand or other business criteria through yield management and dynamic pricing, such as “premium parker” programs and loyalty initiatives.

Each project leaves benefits for future business. Now the upcoming customers are thrilled. The parking lot has LED screens showing free parking spaces on each floor. Parking project saves customer’s time. Now they can easily see and find free space right away. This merits a positive impression of the Silicon Central mall. The significant advantage is that environmental pollution is reduced. In addition, reports and data can be generated and stored from the information received on the server.


Additional system features:

  • Real-time parking occupancy data and statistics. 
  • LED signage that shows how many bays are accessible.
  • Parking operators can adjust the parking tariffs based on supply and demand or other business criteria.
  • Parking spaces for VIP or other reservations under control

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