ParkSol parking guidance system

arrowDriver information and parking guidance system to improve the management of car parks and customer parking experiences.

Reach operational excellence by accurately monitoring your parking lot occupancy via ultrasonic or magnetic sensors. After concentrators collect the data and send it to the computer on real-time, Parksol software accurately directs your customers to the vacant parking spaces. Improve your overall parking management decisions by getting detailed occupancy level analysis on specified periods of time or adapt Parksol to already owned systems of lighting, access control barriers, payment systems and other.


  • Maximized car park profitability and revenues (up to 15% higher turnover).
  • Eco-friendly facility and parking ventilation cost saving.
  • Illegally parked vehicles detection – more available space for real clients.
  • Reduced traffic jams by elimination of stuff cheating in toll parking’s.
  • Provision of statistic information about parking time, usage, turnover for marketing purposes.


  • Innovation seeking and constant product development.
  • Reliability and sustainability within indoor/outdoor parking guidance system.
  • Professionalism in regard customer training and consultation.
  • High quality and energy efficient product manufacturing.
  • Accurate and customer friendly software implementation.

Working scheme

The occupancy of each parking space is constantly monitored via ultrasonic, TOF and magnetic sensors. This information is collected with the help of data concentrators and is sent to the computer, where the ParkSol software accurately directs drivers to areas of vacant parking spaces. Moreover, it provides occupancy level analysis over the specified periods of time, allowing parking managers to make intelligent and timely decisions that improve operational excellence of parking lot.


Parksol parking system uses variety of technical solutions adapted to different projects and individual customer needs. Any color of indication and wide range of detection solutions available: ultrasound, time of flight (TOF) or magnetic field measurement.


The hardware of Parksol parking system consists of sensors with digital signal processing and learning feature (up to 4.5 meters detection range, no influence of neighboring sensors, FL lamps, etc.).The system has hierarchical level of only one controller (of up to 127 sensors per loop) that together with displays communicates through Ethernet ports. Such communication and structure assures stable functionality and extremely high cost savings. Moreover, the parking system upholds IP66 protection class and is provided together with 3 year warranty.

Management solutions

Parksol software is designed using latest technologies that enable efficient usage of any parking space and high reduction of traffic jams. The system provides real-time monitoring of parking space condition (availability, temperature changes), management (reservations, etc.) and may be connected to other customer control systems (barriers, lighting, ventilation).


„Scenarios“module – is programmed with semi-programming language by drawing possible logical schemes. Aforementioned scenarios are processing generated events form ParkSol by using logic elements in order to activate recognized situations. Full parking guidance system programming and editing features has no extra costs for the client.

Scenario application samples:

  • Close/open parking gates when parking is free/full;
  • Parking lighting control by real-time activity in the parking lot;
  • Activation of parking lot audio system for advertising;
  • Online e-mail information of too long parked vehicles and other incidents.

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