Ledsol Plafo 60/120

LedSol Plafo60 and Plafo120 fixtures are designed to use in places where the light source is sealed from the outside influence like water and dirt. It creates high illumination while providing a wash-down capability. This is especially needed in parking lots and industrial places where the light will not be compromised by the surrounding environment. Special optical diffuser make LED light soft, no glare and minimum lumen lost. Special design aluminum reflector rapidly radiates heat to assure LED components lifetime and high lumen output. Simple shell design enables easy maintenance and replacement.

Made in the European Union.
Weather proof – IP66 protection class.
Resistance of vibration and mechanical impact.
No warm-up period – LED’s light instantly even at low temperature and will startup even in subzero weather.
Environmentally friendly – LED’s contain no mercury or other hazardous substances.
No flickering and any electronic noise.
No ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
Long lifetime – 60,000 hours or more if properly engineered
LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 50- 90% less power than fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs
The best price and quality relationship.
3 year warranty.