Mini Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Simple to use and cost-effective solution for charging the electric vehicle:

  • Charges 1 vehicle
  • Mode 3. The most common method of charging an electrical vehicle is via a dedicated charge point installed at home, workplace, public parking, shopping mall or an underground garage, etc. This is the preferred and safest solution for charging.
  • Type 2 – IEC 62196 charging socket (also known as Mennekes connector) generally found on European vehicles.
  • Maximum 400 V/AC, 32 A, 3 phase (22 kW)
  • Innovative design
  • Robust aluminum casing
  • Integrated climate control ensures the highest reliability even in the worst weather conditions
  • Bright LED screen and sidebars are visible in the direct sunlight and are seen from a distance at night
  • Integrated energy meter
  • Available as a standalone model
  • RFID identification
  • 3G/WiFi/LAN/OCPP

Our solutions for charge station:

  • Real-time charging stations occupancy data
  • Number of free charging stations on the LED screens
  • Special indicator color when a vehicle is charged and other solutions

Socket type – Type 2 – IEC 62196 (Mode 3)

Input power – 3 or 1 phase 400 V/AC 50 Hz 32 A or 16 A

Output power (optional)
3-phase 400 V/AC 32 A (22 kW)
3-phase 400 V/AC 16 A (11 kW)
1-phase 230 V/AC 32 A (7,2 kW)
1-phase 230 V/AC 16 A (3,6 kW)

Communication (optional)
Power management system 1.6 JSON

User interface
LED backlight screen
RFID user access control
LED status indication
3 Phase digital energy meter with backlight

Safety protection
Charging cable locking
Short circuit protection
Leakage current protection
Leakage current breaker auto-reset (optional)

Other specifications
Operational temperature -30°C to +50 °C.
IP54 electrical enclosure rating
IK10 vandalism-proof rating
Stainless aluminum housing
Dimensions 150 x 350 x 670
Weight 21 kg
UV resistant
CE certified