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One of the main reasons Parksol is growing so rapidly and manages to create long-term partnerships with clients worldwide is the exceptional focus of its products, their quality, and clients’ needs.
That’s why years ago, Parksol decided to find Every Solution their clients need or think that is needed to be in the marketplace.
Parksol offers some of the largest solution regimens on the market, so no matter what car parking, management, guidance, counting, Software, or APP solution you need, we have got your back.
In fact, if you don’t have a solution that is ready for a market or doesn’t even exist, we will create one personally for you on-demand. 

Here are some ADD-ONS we offer that are already on the market and proven to be effective to most businesses where car parking is needed. 

  • Find Your Car terminal an information floor-standing kiosk designed to help people find their cars in a parking lot.
    The terminal provides customers with quick and intuitive user interaction by just entering their car license number, and results are immediately shown with the place where their car is located in the parking lot on the map.
    The terminal is equipped with a modern touchscreen monitor that is simple to use even for old and young generations. (Industrial stainless steel metal keyboard with trackball is also available if needed).
    “Find Your Car” Terminal can be delivered in 2 different versions: For Indoor or Outdoor use. (in other words, it fits any type of parking lot, no matter what conditions are surrounding it.) 
  • Wrong parking detection – is video analytic based AI deep learning wrong parking detection algorithm that detects incorrectly parked cars in closed parking lot. Information with bad parked car’s LPR with parking lot number can be sent to parking lot management stuff via our software for further decision making. Additionally, system can send emails with all information including picture of wrong parked car. If needed information can be sent to third party software via REST, JSON messages or etc. More info here
  • Parksol monitoring software – the complete solution to control parking and reduce traffic jams- is also the main reason Monitoring Software exists.
    The Software ensures the most efficient usage and management of the parking lot.  It allows control of parking load and reduces traffic jams. The Software instantly transmits Information of available parking spaces to LED displays.
    Monitoring software has complete control over all parking spaces available and can make some of the most advanced analytics of your customers, including repeated customer data collection, time spent in the parking lot, cars parks in not allowed areas, etc. The system is also extremely secure.
    An APP option is also available, which is especially important for a warm customer experience, business partners, VIP clients, and others. It also can be easily integrated with third-party systems 
  • Scenario Module  a complete system that creates individual solutions based on logic and simple programming. No matter what parking or management scenario you want to address.
    It uses powerful “Schedule”, “If”, “And”, “Or” logic you can create macro situations when the system has to do programmed actions. Actions can be starting from Simple Relay Output, Email message, or even specific TCP telnet command.
    The system is especially valuable if you want to track cars that are parked for too long, have unwanted car parks guess who are not welcome, want to track fulfillment percentage, and much more…
    Its main actions include closing-opening parking gates, parking lighting control, audio system activation, email information, online message, and just about any other parking-related feature you can think of. 
  • API (REST) is an additional Parksol software module with the main purpose of connecting all the different systems and 3rd party integrations into one anavoiding headaches of confusion that different kinds of systems cause.
    API can be integrated with systems like BMS (Building Management System); PMS (Parking Management (payment) Systems); Parking places reservation systems; Security and CCTV systems; Mobile Apps; CRM’s; Hotel Management Systems, and many others.
    Technically API (Application Programming Interface) is based on Web Services – REST (Representational state transfer) protocol. Using the Rest interface, you can GET or PUT Information to the Parksol parking system software. Main available exchange information includes: Occupancy data from individual parking spaces or parking spaces groupsReserve/close/open parking spaces or groupscreate/edit parking space groupsread display values and states, and many more. 


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