Effective Car Counting is one of the best ways to maximize revenue your parking lot can produce for your business. Reduced running costs and effective data analysis are also two keys to efficient resource control and better marketing decisions.
Parksol Car Counting Systems is a complete solution to the most effective, real-time car counting, data analysis, and storage. 
Well-managed car counting with or without license plates will follow every move of your customer’s car to see their behavior, which is extremely important for further parking lot guidance improvement and better business decisions. 

Parksol Car Counting Systems provide multiple solutions to help use your parking lot in the most efficient way including: 

Inductive Loop is a hidden technology that transmits car park information in real-time  

An inductive loop is basically a piece of wire which is arranged in a closed loop under a road or pavement.
Its electromagnetic communication or detection system usually uses a moving magnet to induce an electric current in a nearby wire. Induction loops are used for transmission and reception of communication signals or for detecting metal objects (cars in this case) in metal detectors or as vehicle presence indicators. 

Inductive loops work like a metal detector as they measure the change in the field when objects pass over them. Once a vehicle drives through the sensor, its magnetic field changes, allowing the device to detect the surpassed vehicle.
An oscillating current drives such a loop with a fixed frequency, creating an electromagnetic field. An electromagnetic field is distorted when a vehicle passes, and loop inductance decreases, thus increasing oscillation frequency.


Camera Counting is a solution to count arriving and leaving cars, in and out of the parking lot. 

The solution has two system options: 

– Without LPR (license plate recognition) 

Parksol’s team designed a Video Counting Controller for real-time video stream analytics and for car counting applications. 
It’s a 100% automated process that can also be integrated with 3rd party cameras and can monitor up to 4 entry/exit lines depending on the configuration. It’s a perfect solution for meaningful statistic collection, which is important for marketing purposes and can increase organization revenues. 

– With LPR(License Plate Recognition) 

Unlike Camera Counting With LPR, this technology recognizes license plates from almost any country around the world, which help the parking administration to collect meaningful data and create white/black lists of customer who should or should not enter the parking lot.
It’s also very effective for parking space reservations, so an important individual can reserve a place for a certain license plate and a certain period of time. 


If you are not sure which parking guidance or can counting solution works best for your case, or…
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