TOF sensor

TOF sensor: Want to save on the installation cost and still have an effective parking guidance solution?
– TOF Parking Sensor is your ideal choice.


The sensor easily and immediately detects and tracks not 1 but 2 opposite car parking or car-wash places, resulting in about 50% less installation cost compared to sensors that can track just a singular place. 
It’s easily adjustable to any parking or car-wash layout or height. The sensor can be used as a car detector from above and as a barrier trigger or car counter that effectively detects nearby objects. 
IP66 protection class is also a part of its completeness, which makes it resistant to extreme temperatures (heat or cold), along with many other amazing benefits we will discuss below. 


Because such technology can track two vehicles on the opposite sides at once, it makes that much superior. 
TOF sensors use a small laser to produce infrared light, where the light eventually bounces back from any object or surface and returns to the sensor. Based on the time spent on the laser light going back and forth, the sensor is able to measure the distance between the object and the sensor. 


  • The TOF sensor can simultaneously detect and indicate parking or car-wash space occupancy in front of ONE or TWO opposite spaces.  As a result, it significantly saves cost and installation time. 
  • A TOF “sensor head” is easily adjustable according to layout, height and can even be mounted vertically for rooftop applications up to 4.5 m high. 
  • You can also use the Parksol TOF sensor as a barrier trigger or car counter.  Depending on the configuration, it can easily detect objects near the sensor or operates with calibrated floor (wall) reference distance. 
  • The TOF sensor is designed with IP66 protection class and withstands extreme cold or hot temperatures and high humidity. 
  • Quick and easy sensor connection to the base via theNailPinconnector 
  • It also has digital signal processing (DSP) and temperature compensation functions that secure effective usage at all times. 
  • Audible warning function (if needed) 
  • The ability to measure long distances (up to 30 meters)(ToF sensors are flexible as they can be able to detect near and far objects of various shapes and sizes) 
  • Joint commands for sensor groups are available
  • 100% safe technology that protects people’s eyes and bodies
  • Because of the reduced installation cost, but still maintaining its reliability, this technology still remains a great and one of the most effective solutions for many parking lots and car-wash centers out there. 


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