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Indipark unique PGS solution - ParksolWe are so happy to introduce you an innovative, comprehensive, and unique camera-based Indoor Parking Guidance System with an individual indication (Indipark) for every single parking bay.

This system uses stream from CCTV cameras and detects cars in parking lots using our in-house AI deep learning algorithm. Data about parking space availability is transmitted in real-time to the Parksol system, remote indicators, and LED displays.

With a dual-camera back to back design, the detector can simultaneously monitor up to 6 parking spaces on both sides (up to 3 spaces on one side and up to 3 spaces on another side).

If you already have any type of Parksol parking guidance system, it can be easily upgraded with Indipark features.

Basic features:

  • Occupancy detection
  • Parking guidance
  • Car identification with LPR (license plate recognition)
  • Parking violations (information about a vehicle parked in not allowed areas)
  • Control of parking spaces (reservations for employees, VIP clients, timing)
  • Real-time monitoring system
  • Basic reporting

Advanced features:

  • Find my car
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Automatic visitor group detection and classification (commuters, overstays, new clients)
  • Valet parking features
  • Advanced reporting
  • 60 minutes battery backup
  • Integration with CCTV – Video Surveillance
  • API for integration with third-party systems (payment system, VMS, APP, etc.)

More information: Indoor Parking Guidance System with Video Analytic and LPR

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