About us : PARKSOL

It all started back in 2006 when parking system integrator UAB AREVITA’s team decided to develop its guidance system and serve its clients with every single product and service they need, beyond just simple parking solutions and their integration.

This was when PARKSOL was born.
As you probably can tell, the word “PARKSOL” has been constructed out of two separate words: PARKing and SOLutions.
And PARKSOL it’s called for a reason – we set our purpose to serve our clients with every single parking solution they need – even if it’s not on the market yet!

That’s right. We will create your very own custom parking solution that fits your exact parking lot, car wash, or just about any other facility that needs efficient car parking no matter where in the world it’s located.
On top of that, PARKSOL is a huge supporter of environmental improvement and global warming, so all our solutions are 100% eco-friendly and very high quality(up to a 5-year warranty available).
Initially, PARKSOL was designed as a parking guidance system, but once our goals became greater, we sought to be recognized as a market innovation company instead of just an installation company.

About us : “Simple to Install, Effortless To Park” is a slogan PARKSOL’s team strongly believes in. We keep up with modern technologies to ensure the best service for our clients.
We were first in the market to introduce “IP66 class sensors,” which eventually became the market standard.
Our “flight time sensors” have been a unique car parking solution for a long time.

What kind of car parking innovations and solutions do we provide?
Indoor, Outdoor, TOF sensors, VMS LED displays, Scenario modules, BLE technology, vehicle charging stations, and many more.
Our engineers brought the first innovations. But more and more innovations right now come from global partners and customers we have amazing relationships with.
We are small but flexible so that PARKSOL can offer full-featured professional solutions.
And because we are not one of those large organizations that create products and provide services in bulk, we can support every single client until you are fully satisfied. Excellent customer service is our top priority and property our clients value most!

PARKSOL’s international achievements are constantly growing.
   • Over 100 projects worldwide
   • At least one PARKSOL system is installed in over 35 countries
   • More than 100,000 parking spaces were created

Parksol Parking Guidance Systems is a Complete Solution for traffic jams, bad customer experience, and wasted time problems once and for all!


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