Hospitals & Medical centers

Hospitals & Medical centers : Parking might not seem important enough to play a role in patient satisfaction. It’s easy to think that the hospital experience begins when the patient walks in the door. But hospitals and other healthcare providers begin to recognize that the tone is set after a patient is looking for somewhere to park. 

Being at a health center or a hospital is stressful in itself, and you don’t want to make this experience even tougher for your patients. 

It can result in them picking a different center, test results, treatment flow, and the overall experience they have to go through while already staying in the health center. 

You want to make their car parking stressless and effortless! 

This is where Parksol comes in. 

Depending on the type of your parking lot, we will create a custom solution for your staff and customers, which will make their car parking experience stressless and even relieving because it’s way more complicated in most other places, and they are used to withstand this kind of stress. 

From the moment they enter your parking lot, all the way to the front door Parksol parking management system will lead your patient in the fastest and most convenient way possible. While… Reducing pollution due to time circling around the parking lot and waiting in long lines, making more profits for your business, and leaving more space available (our customers report up to 20% increase) for new arriving customers to park their cars. 

Would you like to know exactly how Parksol can help you? 

Click here and find out what parking guidance solution fits you best!

Hospitals & Medical centers

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