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Indoor Camera Parking Guidance Solution has an integrated system with AI deep learning algorithm, which uses streams from Plug&Play(or CCTV) cameras and detects cars in parking lots.
The system covers 6 parking spaces, 3 on each side. As a result, the arriving drivers will see a green (or blue) sign if at least one of 6 parking spaces is empty or a red sign if all of them are taken. The system also effectively monitors and transmits necessary data like parking time, usage, license plate, and many other data points to the monitoring software, which is also integrated.
This solution is filled with many basic and more advanced features(depending on what you need or want) like the “Find My Car” terminal, Car identification with LPR, Dynamic pricing, Integration with CCTV, and many others. You’ll find out more about them below.


This is an innovative Indoor Camera Parking Guidance Solution designed to save time and money for parking lot owners and users. The ability to completely monitor 6 opposite parking slops is a relatively new technology in the industry, but it has already gained a lot of respect.
The main principle is to use CCTV cameras to monitor 6 parking slots simultaneously and inform drivers once all 6 places are full(detects an arrived car in less than 8 seconds). If at least one is empty, the sign color changes and the arriving customer can see a vacant place in the car column.


  • Our developed AI deep learning algorithm uses streams plug&play cameras and detects cars in parking lots.
  • One camera covers 6 indoor parking spots simultaneously, resulting in severely reduced maintenance and installation costs.
  • Plug & Play cameras can be installed in seconds, which makes the installation super-easy, fast and cost-effective.
  • Cost-Effective system because already existing CCTV cameras can also be used and new ones don’t have to be integrated or purchased.
  • Due to the special optics we use, visibility is also great in any lightning.
  • Monitoring software also ensures the parking lot’s most efficient usage and management while collecting the most necessary data: circulation, parking time, occupancy, etc.
  • Occupation Tracking integration, which allows seeing what specific parking places are occupied and which ones are vacant for new arriving customers.
  • The system helps customers to find empty parking slots via mobile app or LED signage installed in the parking, which makes it almost effortless to park.
  • 60 minutes battery backup feature allows the system to be fully operational, even during a power or network outage.
  • Number plate recognition, which allows collecting necessary data about certain drivers that are VIPs or are not welcome to you parking, or just for information and parking time gathering purposes.
  • Dramatically Improved visitor satisfaction due to effective and time-efficient car parking guidance.
  • Wrong parking detection is video analytic based AI deep learning wrong parking detection algorithm that detects incorrectly parked cars in closed parking lot. Information with bad parked car’s LPR with parking lot number can be sent to parking lot management stuff via our software for further decision making. Additionally, system can send emails with all information including picture of wrong parked car. If needed information can be sent to third party software via REST, JSON messages or etc. more info click here
  • “Find Your Car” terminal integration – an information floor-standing kiosk designed to help people find their cars in a parking lot. Using this easy-to-understand kiosk, your customers can easily find their cars, resulting in a better customer experience.
  • Basic and Advanced Reporting with many additional features.
  • So much more!


Parksol also offers multiple indoor camera guidance solutions to satisfy your and your parking lot needs.

►Camera Parking Guidance Without LPR

Parksol’s team designed a car parking guidance and management system for real-time video stream analytics and for car counting applications. 
It’s completely automated and can monitor up to 4 entry/exit lines depending on the configuration. It’s a perfect solution for meaningful statistic collection, which is important for marketing purposes and can increase organization revenues and allow organizations to avoid conflicts with privacy or data protection laws because car license plates are not being collected with this option. 

An active video counting controller using installed Parksol Plug&Play cameras(or existing 3rd-party cameras) counts and tracks every single car that’s arriving or leaving the parking lot. 


Camera Parking Guidance With LPR

Unlike Camera Parking Guidance System Without LPR, this technology recognizes license plates from almost any country around the world, which helps the parking administration to collect meaningful data and create allowlists/blocklists of customers who should or should enter the parking lot.
It’s also very effective for parking space reservations, so an important individual can reserve a place for a certain license plate and period of time. 

This system works exactly the same as the one without License Plate recognition. Besides that, it does recognize license plates and uses Plug&Play or already installed cameras to monitor any license plate from around the world that is arriving or leaving the parking lot. 


►Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)

Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE) is a unique solution for a video-based guidance system you can use to indicate each parking space. 
Compared to standard indoor camera-based parking guidance, our BLE solution brings the functionality of a sensor-based system when every single slot has an indication but also delivers all advantages of a video-based system.
Standard indoor camera-based parking guidance systems have only one indication, which confuses drivers a lot. And this is where Bluetooth Low Energy Indicator comes in and solves this problem once and for all. 

The way to works is almost exactly the same as any other of our advanced indicators, but what separates it from most is error-free effectiveness when working with a group of parking spaces (4-6 parking spaces at once) which helps drivers escape the confusion and find their desired parking slot easily and quickly and see it from a distance. 


If you are not sure which parking guidance solution works best for your individual case, or…
You think you already know exactly what you want.
Please get in touch with the Parksol team below, and we will guide you through the next simple steps to create the best possible parking experience for your business and your customers. Let’s connect!