Parking guidance


Time and Speed are two of the most important commodities these days, especially in car parking.
Parksol Parking Guidance Systems is a Complete Solution for traffic jams, bad customer experience, and wasted time problems once and for all.
Parksol will lead your customers towards a vacant parking space in the fastest time possible: from seeing the first LED display outside the parking lot to their desired vacant parking space.


  • Efficient use of car parking space. Saves time, energy, helps to prevent and avoid overcrowded areas, reaches an excellent customer experience, and more.
  • Maximized your car park profitability and revenues.  Our customers report up to 40% higher turnover!
  • Unique, high-quality, and energy-efficient products that will work year after year without a need to make any changes. 
  • Flexible and intuitive to use for parking lot owners, contractors, and drivers. We all know how frustrating and annoying can it be for your customers to circle around and waste time looking for empty space.
  • Professional customer training and consulting. If needed, we provide special training to help your team manage Parksol most effectively.
  • Parking time, usage, turnover statistics for marketing. With Parksol, you can increase your car lot spacing by up to 15%!
  • Reduced traffic jams. Especially important for organizations who care about the environment.
  • Made in EU. High-quality guarantee.
  • 3 years equipment warranty with possible extension (up to 5 years). Our priority is to create effective products that are high quality and easy to use.
  • FREE lifetime software updates, no recurring fees. Every time we update and improve our system, you’ll get those updates 100% free.
  • EVERY CAR PARKING SOLUTION YOU’LL EVER NEED (we will create a custom car parking solution if you need one).


Parksol Parking Guidance Systems provide multiple solutions to help use your parking lot in the most efficient way that includes:

  • Ultrasonic Parking Sensor is our bestseller of all time.
    It is a technology that consists of a perfectly balanced combination of energy-saving LED indications visible in almost all weather conditions, IP66 protection class that makes the Sensor resistant to extreme weather conditions (extreme heat and cold).
    It’s also super-easy for remote or integrated indication control. It can be mounted on the ceiling and cable channel to almost any other necessary place. Also, it transmits free parking space information in reading time to LED displays which makes it highly effective for express vacant space guidance.
  • TOF Parking Sensor is a perfect solution for ONE or TWO opposite parking space detection.
    It’s perfect for those who want to save money and time on installation.
    TOF sensor is easily adjustable to any parking layout or height. Also can be used as a barrier trigger or car counter that is very effective in detecting nearby objects. IP66 protection class also makes it resistant to extreme temperatures (heat or cold) along with DSP (digital signal processing) that secures effective usage at all times.
  • Wireless Magnetic Sensor Parking Sensor is mostly known for its instant on the ground car identification.
    It’s a parking technology mainly designed for outdoor parking areas and mounted in or on the asphalt. It immediately responds to earth’s magnetic field changes and detects cars that park above it.
    Real-time information transmitted to LED screens and IP66 protection class are its two most significant benefits, along with extreme longevity, allowing them to serve for 6-8 and even more years without adjustments.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras is an innovative and comprehensive camera-based Parking Guidance System that is a solution for the modern indoor or outdoor car park.
    It’s a modern car parking solution that splits into two divisions according to your needs:
    ►Indoor Cameras
    The AI deep learning algorithm supports the system’s use of CCTV camera streams to detect cars in the parking lots (monitors up to 6 cars at once) and transmits information to LED displays in real-time.
    It can detect cars with or without LPR (license plate recognition) and recognize cars drivers from anywhere in the world. RGB indication (blue or green) allows arriving drivers to recognize if at least one out of 6 spots are empty and park their car there.►Outdoor Cameras
    The same AI deep learning algorithm is being used here as well. But unlike an indoor camera, which covers six parking spaces, outdoor cameras have a much larger capacity, up to 50 fixed outdoor parking spots monitored simultaneously.
    This solution can be used with other already installed cameras as well and resists almost any weather conditions. Great visibility is also extremely important for outside parking, and this feature works very effectively.
  • Bluetooth (BLE) Indicator/Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System – the only advanced “easy parking guidance” solution on the market.
    Which, according to your needs, also splits into two different solutions:
    (BLE) Ultrasonic Parking Sensor
    A parking guidance system based on Ultrasonic BLE sensors is the easiest to install PGS solution.
    These sensors use advanced mesh wireless communication that ensures a simple, stable, and easy-to-install sensors network. Ultrasonic BLE sensors have full RGB indication that offers many additional indication features to the parking guidance system.

    ►(BLE) Indicator Parking sensor
    BLE Indicator is a unique solution for a video-based guidance system you can use to indicate each parking space.
    Standard indoor camera-based parking guidance systems have only one indication, which confuses drivers a lot. And this is where BLE Indicator comes in.


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