Find Your car


“Find Your Car” terminal – an information floor-standing kiosk designed to help people find their cars in a parking lot. Using this easy-to-understand kiosk, your customers can easily find their cars, resulting in a better customer experience, less time wasted inside the parking lot, and faster movement exchange between vehicles.
Using this technology, every car owner will be able to quickly find exactly where their car is, how long it is there, among a few other interesting and important characteristics you’ll learn more about below.
“Find Your Car” terminal can be delivered in 2 different versions: Indoor or Outdoor use. (in other words, it fits any type of parking lot, no matter what conditions are surrounding it.).


Because this terminal is a part of the Indoor parking guidance system, every single step of it is designed to achieve the best possible customer experience using this system. 
From the moment the vehicle enters the parking lot when the license plate is recognized, all the way until you find a vacant parking stop, the indoor parking guidance system is tracking your journey, so once you leave your car, we know exactly where it is and will provide you such information through our modern Find Your Car terminal solution. 
It’s especially important if you want to get to your car faster and don’t waste time checking every single line is trying to save the exact location on your phone. 


  • Quick and intuitive user interaction– users can easily navigate and search their car’s parking location by entering their car License plate number. (extremely time-efficient) 
  • Search results are shown as real-time pictures taken by parking cameras. After selecting the client’s car, its and terminal’s location is shown on the parking map. 
  • The terminal is equipped with a modern touchscreen monitor that is simple to use even for old and young generations.  
  • You can use the map to see what is the fastest way to get to your car without spending much time walking around the parking lot. 
  • Monitoring software collects the necessary data from the moment you enter the parking lot, all the way until you reach your desired vacant parking place.
  • An option to have an industrial stainless steel metal keyboard with a trackball may better fit some organizations where the client base is more used to this kind of technology. 

If you are not sure which parking guidance solution works best for your individual case, or…
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