Outdoor camera

Outdoor camera: Parking Guidance Systems are rapidly moving from indoor to outdoor parking areas too! Parksol outdoor Parking Guidance System is equipped with the right outdoor video image processing ability through CCTV cameras and provides the perfect guidance for outdoor parking lots. 


It’s basically an integrated system with AI deep learning algorithm, which uses streams from CCTV cameras and detects cars in parking lots. Unlike an indoor camera, which covers six parking spaces, outdoor cameras have a much larger capacity, up to 50 fixed outdoor parking spots, and can monitor and transmit necessary data like parking time, usage, license plate information, and many other important data points to the monitoring software which is also integrated.
This solution can be used with other already installed cameras as well and resist almost any weather conditionsGreat visibility is also extremely important for outside parking, among many other benefits you’ll learn much more about below.  


Its working principle is very simple. AI deep learning algorithm integrated into your existing system and through your current camera system (if you have one already), and our software will start collecting, transmitting, and storing all the necessary information about your parking lot in real-time, which increase the effectiveness of your parking lot, significantly improves its management saves time and so much more. 


  • Our developed AI deep learning algorithm uses streams from CCTV cameras and detects cars in parking lots.
  • One camera covers up to 50 fixed outdoor parking spots depending on the parking layout.
  • Cost-Effective system because already existing CCTV cameras can be used and new ones don’t have to be integrated or purchased.
  • The software can also be used in extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, hot temperature, extreme cold, and others, making it available and effective at all times, anywhere in the world. 
  • Due to the special optics we use, visibility is also great in dark, sunny, foggy, and other weather conditions. 
  • Monitoring software also ensures the parking lot’s most efficient usage and management while collecting the most necessary data: circulation, parking time, occupancy, etc. 
  • Occupation mapping integration, which allows seeing what specific parking places are occupied and which ones are vacant for new arriving customers.
  • An option to effectively guide drivers to a vacant parking spot the fastest time possible.
  • Number plate recognition, which allows collecting necessary data about certain drivers that are VIPs or are not welcome to you parking, or just for information and parking time gathering purposes.
  • Dramatically Improved visitor satisfaction due to effective and time-efficient car parking guidance.
  • So much more!


If you are not sure which parking guidance solution works best for your individual case, or…
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