Scenario module


Scenario Module is a complete system that creates individual solutions based on logic and simple programming, no matter what parking or management scenario you want to address.
The system is especially valuable if you want to track cars that are parked for too long, have parking lot guess who are not welcome(through license plate recognition), want to track fulfillment percentage, and much more… Actions can be starting from Simple Relay Output, Email message, or even specific TCP telnet command. 


Scenario Module system uses powerful but simple “Schedule”, “If”, “And”, “Or” programmed logic to create macro situations when the system has to do programmed actions. 
Its main actions include closing-opening parking gates, parking lighting control, audio system activation, email information, online message, and many other car parking solutions you can think about. Please read more about them below. 


  • Let’s say you have certain customers that are not welcome to your parking lot? “Scenario Module” allows you to simply program certain license plates which will not be able to enter the parking lot at any time. 
  • Want to track cars that are parked for too long? The scenario Module is the solution that can help you. 
  • Want to see the parking lot fulfillment percentage in real-time? We have a solution for that as well. 

And these are just a few of many examples of how the “Scenario Module” solution can be used. Literally, any desired scenario can be programmed in minutes. These are just a few of the following actions that can be taken after a particular scenario was completed: 

  • Close/open parking gates when parking area or zone is full/free; 
  • Parking lighting control by real-time activity in the parking lot (according to day time or darkness outside the parking lot) 
  • Activation of parking lot audio system for advertising (this solution can also be programmed, let’s say to play only once a new car is entering the parking lot) 
  • Online email information of too long parked vehicles and other incidents (this is a very helpful solution to keep your parking lot effective and create an excellent experience for your most important customers) 
  • Online email message if an Arrived client from “Unwanted” client group; 
  • Close parking for cars during Fire or Evacuation process; 
  • Open the parking for all cars for immediate Evaluation when needed 
  • So much more! 


If you are not sure which parking guidance solution works best for your individual case, or…
You think you already know exactly what you want. Please get in touch with the Parksol team below, and we will guide you through the next simple steps to create the best possible parking experience for your business and your customers. Let’s connect! 


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