We all know how confusing it can be to have many different systems integrated into 1 parking lot and how difficult it is to manage all a once and keep them as effective as you want them to be. 
With Parksol API(REST) software, you won’t have to worry about that anymore, and you won’t have to purchase any new systems because all new and previous operating systems will be put into one easily managed and effective software integration! 


“API(REST)” is an additional Parksol software module with the main purpose of connecting all the different systems and 3rd party integrations into one, managing them effectively, and avoiding headaches of confusion that different kinds of systems cause. 


Technically API (Application Programming Interface) is based on Web Services – REST (Representational State Transfer). Using the Rest interface, you can GET or PUT information to the Parksol parking system software. 


  • Get Live Occupancy data from individual parking spaces or parking spaces groups (which mean more efficient parking space control and higher revenues) 
  • Lower management expenses because you won’t need extra team members who will be managing different systems inside the company 
  • Reserve/close/open parking spaces or groups (no more wasted time in overcrowded parking areas) 
  • Create/edit parking space groups (effective parking management for different types of clients) 
  • Read display values and states  
  • 100% free lifetime software updates(whenever we make a new software update, you’ll receive it 100% free of charge!) 
  • Create/Edit/Depersonalize Clients with their data (especially important) 
  • Create/Edit Client Types and Groups 

Parksol guidance systems can be integrated with systems like: 

  • BMS (Building Management System).
  • PMS (Parking Management (payment) Systems).
  • Parking places reservation systems.
  • Security and CCTV systems.
  • Mobile Apps, CRM’s. 
  • Hotel Management Systems, and any other control systems. 

Can you imagine having a system that is easier to manage than all of them you have right now? A proven method that can make every active part of your parking lot work together? 

Parksol can offer this solution through API(REST) simple-to-manage software.
Keep in mind that this is an additional feature that’s is not a MUST in all parking lots, especially if you have only 1 integrated system. But, it’s very effective, saves a lot of management time, and is proven to contribute to great customer experience creation. 


If you are not sure which parking guidance solution works best for your individual case, or…
You think you already know exactly what you want. Please get in touch with the Parksol team below, and we will guide you through the next simple steps to create the best possible parking experience for your business and your customers. Let’s connect! 


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