Magnetic sensor


These are small electronic devices, basically a piece of wire inserted into the ground that detects and records the time a vehicle enters and leaves a parking space.
Magnetic sensors are connected to a parking management system that allows monitoring parking and collecting necessary data for different purposes, including marketing business development, parking efficiency, and more.
This parking technology is mainly designed for outdoor parking areas and is mounted in or on the asphalt. Sensors immediately respond to earth’s magnetic field changes and detect cars that park above it or leave the parking space.
Real-time information transmitted to LED screens and IP66 protection class are its two most significant benefits, along with extreme longevity that lasts up to 8 years and beyond, and many more amazing benefits you’ll read more about below. 


This parking technology is pretty straightforward and has a very simple working principle.
Because the sensors are integrated under or on the ground once the vehicle arrives, the sensor detects this car and sends a signal to the system, in real-time, that the parking space is already occupied due to magnetic changes in the field. 
Once this particular vehicle leaves the parking space, a different signal is sent to the system – “parking space is vacant and available to park a new car.”
This kind of technology is especially effective and needed in outside parking lots where integrating these sensors makes much more sense and can be even more effective than other types. 


  • Sensors can be mounted in/on the asphalt or other road pavement.
  • Quickly respond to changes in the earth’s magnetic field when a vehicle is parked above it. The magnetic sensor uses a wireless connection. 
  • The sensor transmits parking space availability information in real-time to the Parksol system. It represents a number of free parking spaces on the LED screens. 
  • Up to 10 years of battery life(unusually long in the parking solution field), and its also super-easy to exchange if needed.
  • IP68 protection class makes it resistant to extremely hot and freezing temperatures(40/+70 ºC). It also has digital signal processing (DSP) and temperature compensation functions that secure effective usage at all times. 
  • Sensorsduration is easily exchangeable and serves up to 6-8 years.  
  • Easy data integration using Interface Software.
  • Dual detection technology (infrared and magnetic) to guarantee and effective use and data transmission at all times.
  • 190mm width, which makes it easy and very convenient to install and maintain.
  • Data acquisition may be performed via IoT, LoRA, NB IoT, and Sigfox (the most common systems used for this type of service). 
  • So much more!


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