Case study | Parksol IndiPark system in Port of Tallinn, Estonia


Parksol IndiPark system in Port of Tallinn, Estonia : About Port of Tallinn

Port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia and an active player in the Baltic Sea region. Port of Tallinn is servicing over 10 million passengers a year. Opened in 1996, D Terminal is the point of transit for more than six million people in a regular year, providing services to the passengers of Tallink’s Finnish and Swedish routes.

Port of Tallinn aims to be green port. One major goal is to ensure the ability to meet sustainability requirements and reduce negative externalities caused by ports and vessel operations. The Port of Tallinn is a pioneer among EU ports in providing incentives for ships to reduce emissions and sort waste.



Project size

Parksol parking guidance system was installed in D Terminal at the port of Tallinn. Parksol IndiPark system – Indoor parking guidance system with video analytics and LPR was installed in 339 parking spaces, Car Counting Solution with induction loops – in 47 parking spaces. It is the first project in Baltic States where IndiPark system was installed.

Products installed

  • Single and double IndiPark cameras
  • Video Analytics controllers P-Box
  • Counting controllers
  • Loop detectors
  • LED ICON displays
  • Server with management software


D Terminal was opened after renovation in July 2020. The total area of the building featuring many environmentally friendly solutions nearly doubled, having reached 14,000 square metres.

It is usual to harbors or airports, that area is heavily loaded with traffic and due to land limitations, there is lack of parking spaces. Therefore, next to the terminal was built 6 level parking house with 385 parking spaces for short-term and long-term parking. Multistory car park helps improve passengers’ user experience and reduce the number of parking areas on harbor grounds. The area in front of D Terminal will be transformed into a public space that appeals to Tallinnites and tourists visiting Estonia alike.

Passengers enjoy convenient access straight from the car park to their ship and from their vessel to the parking structure. The car park is open for both passengers and those wishing to stay in a hotel in the area or visit businesses nearby.

It is a responsible business that cares about the protection of climate and the environment. One of the environmentally friendly solutions is to install Parking Guidance System in D Terminal Parking House. The main goal is to decrease traffic congestion, with related benefits to air pollution.

Customer tasks

  • To improve customer satisfaction: ensure that customer find a free parking space in the shortest possible time
  • Implement a cost-effective solution that works reliably in the long-run, is reasonable to maintain and keeps up with – or stays ahead of – evolving parking technology
  • Employ a “green” solution that reflects the port’s commitment to sustainability
  • Optimize parking garage occupancy by sorting short-term and long-term clients.


After a detailed analysis of the project, considering the tasks that the customer raised, there was an obvious conclusion – the best suitable solution for this project will be Parksol IndiPark guidance system. One of the key tipping points to have video analytics was a requirement to sort parking flow to short-term and long-term parkers.

Not only IndiPark gives this opportunity to parking operator, but it also allows customers to search for their cars in Find my cars terminal, which is quite useful feature coming after long and relaxing holidays.
We offered loop counting solution for the rooftop to increase the ROI of this project. As we learned from our long-lasting experience, that top floors have 60 to 70 percent less traffic.

Last, but not least – we had to implement this project in less than 4 weeks, as the deadline was forcing customer. As all of the system components are produced in-house locally in Lithuania, we were able to meet a tight schedule.


IndiPark system is an innovative and comprehensive solution for the modern indoor car park. IndiPark system uses stream from CCTV cameras and detects cars in parking lots using our own AI deep learning algorithm. Data about parking space availability is transmitted in real-time to the Parksol system and LED displays. It is an all-in-one system: car identification with LPR, occupancy detection, parking guidance, video surveillance, analytics, and other custom features which can be arranged based on the client’s needs. The system is very easy to install as it connects with plug-and-play ethernet cables only.

As visitors arrive at the parking house, the entry wayfinding ICON display real-time represents the number of free parking spaces. After entering, interior wayfinding ICON displays provide follow-up parking guidance, helping visitors make on-the-spot decisions within a chosen parking level.

Parksol state-of-the-art camera-based PGS IndiPark is then used to help quickly and effortlessly guide visitors to available parking spaces. New technology directs visitors to vacancies using color-coded cameras. Turning from red to green when spaces become available, this PGS removes uncertainty from the parking journey, saving visitors time searching for open parking spaces, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and allowing visitors to reach their destination sooner.

The fifth parking floor is located on the roof. There is installed Parksol Car Counting System with inductive loops. Inductive loops are mounted on the road pavement on the fifth floor. It counts cars and transmits parking space availability information in real-time to the Parksol system. The system represents a number of free parking spaces on the LED ICON displays.

Parksol system uses the latest technology, it reliably reports information on parking availability. The technology used in the Parksol solution is cost-effective. LED ICON displays and cameras are energy-efficient and long-lasting, lowering monthly utility bills and maintenance costs.

The solution is innovative and comprehensive, it is expandable and can be upgraded. Finally, Parksol system provides an environmentally responsible solution that reflects the values of the Port of Tallinn.
By shortening the amount of time drivers spend looking for parking, the carbon footprint of this garage is reduced. And the technology itself is “green.”

System features:

  • Combined two systems: IndiPark + Car Counting
  • Occupancy detection
  • Parking guidance
  • Car identification with LPR (license plate recognition)
  • Real-time monitoring system
  • Real-time video stream
  • Basic reporting

Additional system features:

  • Parking violations (information about a vehicle parked in not allowed areas)
  • Control of parking spaces (reservations for employees, VIP clients, timing)
  • Video Surveillance
  • Find my car
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Automatic visitor group detection and classification (commuters, overstays, new clients)
  • Valet parking features
  • Advanced reporting

Impact on business

  • Saved customer time: visitors can easily find free parking space, don’t miss their ferry or cruise ship due to complicated parking
  • Better user experience: a positive impression about the Port of Tallinn.
  • Reduced environmental pollution: visitors find free parking spaces faster. Employed a “green” solution that reflects the port’s commitment to sustainability
  • Implemented a cost-effective solution that works reliably in the long-run and uses the latest technology.