Parksol PGS in Vilnius Airport - smooth start for the journey



Vilnius Airport is the largest commercial airport in Lithuania. In 2019, Vilnius Airport served 5 million passengers and 47 thousand flights.

There are three short-term parking lots in airport territory. They are located closer to the terminal and are intended for meeting and seeing off guests.

In 2019 new modern multifunctional long-term parking lot was opened. This long-term parking lot is dedicated to passengers traveling for a longer period of time and seeking to leave their vehicles in a roof-covered parking lot. This multilevel garage has more than 700 parking spaces. The parking lot is situated about 70 meters from the terminal building.


Traffic is always a terrible issue for those that live in busy cities. Due to traffic, 850 thousand passengers will arrive late today and every day. Even though Vilnius is quite a small city, but there are still a lot of chances to miss your flights due to traffic issues. We have implemented Parksol’s unique parking guidance solution that the “last mile” of your journey reaching the terminal would be smooth.



Parksol TOF sensor-based Parking Guidance System helps easily find a free spot for passengers’ cars. This system is an exceptionally unique and versatile solution in the market. The system is implemented for 735 parking spaces in a roof-covered three parking floors.

The fourth parking floor is located on the roof. There is an installed Parksol Car Counting System with inductive loops. Inductive loops are mounted on the road pavement on the fourth floor. It counts cars and transmits parking space availability information in real-time to the Parksol system. The system represents the number of free parking spaces on the LED displays. There are 266 parking spaces on the roof.

To ease navigation for customers, we installed 21 ICON LED displays in this parking lot. Variable message sign (VMS) on the entrance of the parking garage can show customized information for the visitor.


  • Saved customer time and money: customers can easily find free parking space, don’t miss their flights due to complicated parking
  • Better user experience
  • Reduced environmental pollution: cars find free parking spaces faster

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