Parksol VMS displays


Our Parksol VMS displays can be used in different ambient circumstances: low/high temperature, snow, sand or dust, display static or dynamic content.

All our VMS are made in inhouse production here in Lithuania. We offer cost efficient products which has easy installation, configuration and maintenance. In addition we are offering 36 month warranty for You to fully experience quality and outstanding customer support.


ParkSol VMS display is a programmable device created to inform arriving or leaving drivers and help them find a vacant parking space in the fastest time possible.  

It has a wide range of icon selections—installation, configuration, and maintenance that are easy and cost-efficient. 

The display is Ethernet-based, weatherproof, has a blinking function and modular construction. VMS Display is also equipped with WiFi/4G communication and comes in just about any size you desire. 

Additionally, it can be integrated into road signs, large pylons, etc. 



VMS Display can be easily programmed for just about any dynamic message you want to show your customer, which can be a changing number of parking slots available, AVAILABLE/UNAVAILABLE, Open/Full Dynamic messages, and many more. 

The importance of displaying such information is huge, and Parksol offers such displays with exceptional clarity and definition so arriving drivers will see them from tens of meters away, among other amazing benefits you’ll read about below. 



  • VMS display additionally shows dynamic information: logos, pictures, various running text, etc. Transcribe just about any message you desire. Usually, it is used near the parking entrance. 
  • Easy programmable Displayswhich allow you to program any stable message or sign you need or want.
  • Excellent visibility even in brightly lighted parking lots. 
  • Parksol displays offer exceptional clarity and definition over long distances, so customers can clearly see the displayed message many meters away. 
  • IP66 protection class makes it resistant to extremely hot and freezing temperatures(40/+70 ºC). It also has digital signal processing (DSP) and temperature compensation functions that secure effective usage at all times.
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance are easy and cost-efficient. 
  • WiFi/4G communication is available. An extremely fast and convenient communication solution. 
  • Possibilities of various sizes, modular construction. 
  •  Displays integrated into road signs and large pylons are also available. 


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