Remote indicator

Remote indicator
Remote indicator
Remote indicator

Remote indicator

Remote indicator:

  • The indicator PSL/USI is designed for mounting on the ceiling or a cable channel and shows the availability of a parking space.
  • It is recommended for covered parking lots.
  • The indicator is connected to the ultrasound or magnetic ParkSol sensors. The system represents the number of free parking spaces on LED screens.
  • The indicator has reflective optics, which ensures good visibility in the parking from long distances even on a sunny day.
  • It has IP66 class.
  • Indications options: red/green, red/blue, only green.
  • Made in the European Union
  • Weatherproof – IP66 protection class. Instantly works in -40/+70 ºC temperature
  • Flash Wave energy-saving function. Indicators are flashing according to the wave principle, therefore, the system energy consumption is reduced by up to 10-fold
  • High brightness LEDs with reflector optics and +/-45 degree beam angle adjustment
  • Recommended for limited view parking lots together ultrasonic sensor
  • Remote indicators are designed to be installed on a standard MQ-type galvanized installation channel
  • Quick and easy indicator connection to the base via the NailPin connector

Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage 12-24 VDC
Current 0.1-0.2 A
Power consumption 1,5 W


Light colour, angle adjustment Integrated red/green LED till 45 degrees


Work temperature -40°C ….+70°C
Humidity 20 ….95%


Housing type IP66
Mounting method Screws
Dimension (mm) 136 x 123 x 200
Weight 350 g
Colour Grey/ transparent

Product used in systems