Zone controller

Zone controller

Zone controller

The zone controller PCL/ZC is designed for the real-time monitoring of ParkSol sensors parameters. The sensors are connected via the RS 485 interface. The circuit may have up to 127 magnetic, ultrasonic or TOF  sensors. Controllers are interconnected over a 100 Mbit network. The device operates as a separate 3-port hub, so they can be connected in series, one after the other. The controller has 8 freely programmable inputs and 7 outputs and can be connected to the other parking control systems. The PCL/CC modification has a car-counting function.

  • Made in the European Union;
  • Work with ultrasonic and  TOF  sensors;
  • Only one level zone controller what holds up  to 127 detectors in RS485 loop;
  • Ethernet network , 3 ports;
  • Works as standalone switch;
  • 8  digital inputs for another parking systems status monitoring (ventilation, lighting, gates);
  • 7  digital outputs for another parking systems status control (ventilation, lighting, gates);
  • Entry/exit car counting function, developed for parking zones without individual car space sensors.

Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage 24 VDC
Current 0.1 A
Power consumption 12 W


Number of inputs 8
Input type Discretic
Input voltage 12-24 VDC
Galvanic isolation no


Type RS485 ir Ethernet
RS-485 portai 1
RS-485 galvaninė izoliacija nėra
Max.number of sensors in loop 127
Cable type Shielded, twisted pair EIA RS485
Ethernet ports 3
Max. number of nodes in system 128


Status LED green
RS485 RX/TX LED green/ red
Ethernet status LED green/ yellow


Work temperature -40°C ….+70°C
Humidity 20% ….95%


Housing type Modular
Mounting method Din rail
Dimension (mm) 101 x 119 x 45
Weight 500 g
Colour Green

Product used in systems