Wireless magnetic sensor

Wireless magnetic sensor
Wireless magnetic sensor

Wireless magnetic sensor

Wireless magnetic sensor is designed for on and off street parking installations. Sensors are mounted in/on the asphalt or other road pavement. It responds to changes in the earth’s magnetic field when a vehicle is parked above it.

The sensor transmits parking space availability information in real-time to Parksol system. The system can represent number of free parking spaces on the LED screens.

Monitoring software ensures the most efficient usage and management of parking lot.

Wireless magnetic sensor is designed with IP68 protection class that enables classic winter service, including snow-plowing. Battery duration is easily exchangeable and serves up to 10 years.

Data acquisition may be performed via IoT, LoRA, NB IoT and sigfox.

  • Dual detection technology (infrared and magnetic)
  • 5-10 years of battery life
  • Communication via a fast and reliable network
  • Real-time bidirectional communication
  • Easy data integration using Interface Software


Frequency band 868 MHz
Detection Magnetic and infrared
Standards CE, FCC, IC, ACMA

Electrical characteristics

Battery lifetime 5-10 years

Sensor type

Dimension A4 190×28 
Detection distance Up to 0.7 m


Work temperature -40°C …+50°C
Resistant to Humidity, Water, Salt


Housing type IP68
Mounting method Glued or screwed
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Weight 450 g
Color Color gray ( A4 and B4)

Product used in systems