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Be the first to know our latest solutions

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“Parksol team is awesome.
Transparent, straightforward forward, and very supportive.
Definitely, this is an added value to their great technical solutions.
Looking forward to keeping collaborating with you!”

Angel Sanchez de Movellan
Angel Sanchez de Movellan
Regional Manager, HUB Parking Technology

“Parksol is the clear choice for anyone who wants to create the most excellent system for their parking in terms of value for money.
The heart of the system is the graphical monitoring software which gives you an outstanding overview of your parking and occupancy data.
You can freely develop anything on it, thanks to the API, and it is easy to install.
The manufacturer is flexible enough and responds quickly to questions about implementation and commissioning.
It is no coincidence that SBT Protect, as the number one system house partner of Siemens in Hungary, has chosen this system because it is important to us that we serve the long-term satisfaction of our customers with high-quality systems.”

András Kreutzer
András Kreutzer
Business development manager, SBT Protect Kft.