Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)

Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)
Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)
Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)
Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)

Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE)

Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE) is a unique solution with high brightness RGB color changing LED lights with reflector optics for a video-based guidance Parksol system when each parking space has an individual indication, instead of the indication on camera. Compared to standard indoor camera-based parking guidance Parksol BLE solution brings the functionality of a sensor-based system when every single slot has an indication but also delivers all advantages of a video-based system.

Indicator with Bluetooth communication (BLE) advantages:

  • Quick and Easy installation:
    • Only a power cable is needed – Forget the twisted pair!
    • No wire cut and no wire strip.
    • Moisture-resistant 3M connectors.
  • Foolproof” installation:
    • Only 2 wires connection instead of 5 wires.
    • Irrelevant polarity (power + and – can be mismatched).
    • No possibility of damaged sensors on the wrong connection.
    • No voltage drop on long wires.
  • Cost savings on installation:
    • 10 times faster than standard hermetic installation.
    • Cheap 2 wire cable instead of specific RS485 cable.
  • Bluetooth communications:
    • Standard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication.
    • The system runs on Bluetooth Mesh Network.
    • Increased communication distance.
  • Made in the European Union
  • 127 detectors in a loop
  • Weatherproof – IP66 protection class. Instantly works in -20/+70 ºC temperature
  • Ambient temperature measurement function, temperature maps
  • Detector mounting till the height of 4.5 m
  • Flash Wave energy-saving function. Indicators are flashing according to the wave principle, therefore, the system energy consumption is reduced by up to 10-fold
  • High brightness Indication is RGB Color Changing LED Lights with reflector optics
  • Remote display function (optional)
  • Sensors are designed to be installed on a standard MQ-type galvanized installation channel
  • Quick and easy sensor connection to the base via the NailPin connector
  • Audible warning function (optional)
  • Standalone demo sensor for system presentations
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Adaptive Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Joint commands for sensor groups
  • Sensor software update over the network

Electrical characteristics

Power supply voltage 48 V DC
Power consumption <2W
Current 0.3 A

Sensors typical characteristics

Detection method 10 MHz modulated 810nm IR light
Calibration method Remote calibration
Field of view 1.2° full angle
Detection range Up to 5.5m (at 70 Klx sunlight)


Type Bluetooth Low Energy
Frequency 2.4 GHz


Type 256 Colour, LED full RGP
Viewing angle 360°


Operating temperature -20°C ..+70°C
Humidity 0% …..85% 


Housing type IP66 (Water and dust resistant)
Mounting method Ceiling mount or duct mount
Dimension (mm) 136 x 123 x 200
Weight 350g

Product used in systems