Carwash Guidance


Quick, Speedy, and Safe Car Wash Center Management is extremely important for any business that wants to improve their profits, minimize time wasted in waiting lines, and guarantee safe and effective car wash for their customers.  And this is exactly how Parksol can help you.
Parksol Car Wash Management Systems is an all-inclusive solution for the effective management of a car wash business.
Parksol will lead every single one of your customers to a vacant car wash space from the moment they see your center outside the parking lot, all the way to leaving the car wash with a shiny car, peace of mind and no wasted time, headaches, and wondering “maybe I will come back tomorrow?” 


Parksol Car Wash Management Systems provide multiple solutions to help use your car wash center in the most efficient way that includes: 

►Ultrasonic Parking Sensor is our bestseller of all time.  

It is a technology that consists of a perfectly balanced combination of energy-saving LED indications that are visible in almost all weather conditions, IP66 protection class that makes the Sensor resistant to extreme weather conditions (extreme heat and cold). 
It’s also super-easy for remote or integrated indication control. It can be mounted on the ceiling and cable channel to almost any other necessary place. Also, it transmits free parking space information in reading time to LED displays, making it highly effective for expressing vacant car-wash space guidance. 

►TOF Parking Sensor is a perfect solution for open car-wash space detection. 

It’s perfect for those who want to save money and time on installation and equipment. 
TOF sensor is easily adjustable to any car-wash layout or height. Also can be used as a barrier trigger or car counter that’s is very effective in detecting nearby objects. IP66 protection class also makes it resistant to extreme temperatures (heat or cold) along with DSP (digital signal processing) that secures effective usage at all times. 


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